Expert Guidance To Deploy Effective Video Webinars and Meetings

Are you planning to host an online event with remote presenters and attendees? We understand that the world of streaming and virtual participation can be overwhelming. Our Online Event Consulting service provides expert guidance throughout the entire process to enable exceptional results in deploying effective video webinars and meetings.


Event Planning | 30 Minutes

One of our expert event consultants meets with you, the meeting host and any stakeholders to discuss settings, hardware reviews and event flow.

Event Rehearsal | 60 Minutes

The event consultant joins a meeting or webinar scheduled separately from the live event to test run systems and presentations. Stakeholders, guest
speakers, and panelists will also attend.

Pre-event Warm Up | 30 Minutes

The event consultant joins your live event 30 minutes before the scheduled start time with the host, panelists, and presenters to prepare to go live.

Live Event Support

The event consultant manages all technical aspects of a 1-hour live event. If the event is longer than 1-hour, additional time must be purchased.

Hourly Event Support
2-hour Minimum

Services may include event planning, event rehearsal, online event training.

Managed Services

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