Our Emerging Technology & Solutions team was established to guide, educate and empower our clients in leveraging contemporary practices and emerging technologies to improve their operations and continually strengthen their business. We are committed to a multi-discipline approach that is highly-effective in defining business requirements and pairing that with operational and technical solutions.


For each engagement, we dive deep to understand your business goals and then focus on operational alignment to those business objectives. We look at technology as a tool to support the operation. In many cases, a smart balance of organizational, process, and technology evolution combine to optimize the solution.

Our team takes a best practices approach for each client resulting in a custom-tailored solution to meet your specific objectives. We can target only a segment of your operation or the greater enterprise as a whole.

In addition to our foundation in media & entertainment, we offer expertise in retail, hospitality, utilities, financial, federal, and sports.


Across Multiple Disciplines

The Emerging Technology & Solutions team consists of recognized experts in their fields from operations, project and program management, business analysis, and advanced data and media architectures. The team also draws from the deep well of expertise of over 1,000 subject matter experts within Diversified which is unmatched in the industry.

  • Broadcast, Cable and Satellite
  • Digital Media
  • Information Technology
  • Electronic Security
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Mission Critical Environments
  • Sports & Live Events


Packaged Services

We developed the Power Block to address the 6 most common areas of challenge within business. These are tightly-focused, condensed packages to help clients with the following.

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Technology Reinvestment/Roadmap
  • Content Workflow Assessment
  • Core Competency Profile
  • Business Process Review
  • Organizational Change Management

Each Power Block addresses a specific area of interest and multiple Power Blocks can be coupled to assess a wide range of business or functional units. Spend a day, a week or a month, based on your specific needs.