TVG Network


TVG Network is currently the largest interactive horse racing network, broadcasting live races as well as race analysis, interviews, feature stories, handicapping tips, and other programs centered on horse racing. The Network allows viewers to place bets online, via phone or set-top remote control and televises races from more than 150 racetracks around the world.

The last time the TVG broadcast facility underwent any renovations was back in 2003. TVG chose to work with Diversified to modernize their facility, upgrade to high-definition and optimize their media asset management workflow.

Their standard-definition, analog-based operations were in need of a substantial upgrade in order to deliver the best possible experience to viewers. Those who bet on these races rely heavily on statistics, up-to-date race information and analysis. Standard-definition simply did not provide enough detail to encourage online betting.

As the lead on the project, Diversified had to impose some strict requirements for TVG executives to make frequent appearances on-site over a number of weeks to gauge progress and improve decision-making for more efficient project execution.

TVG modernized their facility with an SD-to-HD upgrade and improved their media asset management from a tape- to archive-based workflow. The Network now enjoys error-free operations and a simplified workflow, which leads to greater employee productivity.

They have a richer visual experience to enhance online betting in order to generate new revenue. They have also facilitated the delivery of clips and highlight shows to grow network viewership, enrich social media engagement and increase the value of advertising inventory.