Scott McMullan

Medical Innovation Group

With more than three decades of diverse technology, clinical, and business experience, Scott brings knowledge of multiple technology disciplines and performance culture building skills to the Medical Innovation Group practice (MIG). Parallel with developing a Dallas based enterprise integration business, Scott kindled a healthcare technology group which now provides part of the client capital defining Diversified’s Medical Innovation Group.

After acquisition in 2016, Scott stayed engaged with MIG, while focusing on triple digit growth and building a great place to work for employee partners landing in Diversified’s AVE group (Audio Visual Environments). With a strong clinical foundation built by healthcare designers, regulation experts, and medical device professionals, Scott has re-focused energy on the medical device practice. Scott continues to apply proven strategies to deliver more positive patient outcomes while improving adoption of Diversifed’s Coris OR solutions. The MIG practice will remain centered on improving patient outcomes with renewed emphasis on driving adoption of the Coris medical device platform.