Passion City Church

AV Installation Creates a Dynamic Worship Experience for the Congregation

Passion City Church set out to create a new worship experience for its modern generation of worshipers. To achieve this they sought a combination of dynamic lighting, video and sound. With the help of Diversified, they accomplished this goal at each and every service thus expanding their membership and reach.

Passion City Church is an outgrowth of the Passion Conferences held annually around the globe. During the design and build, the customer was busy operating conferences many time zones away from Atlanta. Diversified coordinated design reviews and other communications with the customer’s schedule so that when it came time to install, Passion City Church was confident that the systems were being constructed according to a well-defined and documented design.

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead neighborhood, the system had to match the “world class” surroundings of this urban religious hub. By incorporating a top-quality sound system and central projection system that spans the stage, sermons fully engage the congregation in a sensory, yet spiritual experience, connecting directly with its high-tech congregation.

Passion City Church creates a unique perspective through the use of a 3:1 aspect ratio projection system utilizing two edge-blended Barco HD14K projectors and a 39’X13′ screen centered above the main stage. All shots from the five-camera production system are taken with this aspect ratio in consideration.

Passion City Church now holds its services at their new location using the highest quality lighting, audio and visual systems. Additionally, they can record and easily upload the lead pastor’s teachings to the web, reaching an expansive range of people. Most importantly, Passion City can now maintain their status as a home church for their local parishioners.