Podcast: MarketScale and Diversified Discuss Electronic Security Solutions

Evaluating Security Strategies as Part of Your Business Continuity Planning

Bill Aheimer, director of Diversified’s Electronic Security Solutions specialty, joined Tyler Kern of ProAV Podcast to discuss the various components of today’s security solutions and how new business continuity plans can impact security strategies.

A well-planned security strategy is accomplished in layers, focusing first on the entries and exits, high value or high asset areas including IT resources, and the HR and finance areas. The development is a multi-fold process that evaluates the current versus future state. However, an effective security program is not just technology.

“Technology enables process, and for organizations that are a strategic user of security, people are a key part of that process,” says Aheimer. “Emphasis on leveraging technology given the fact that your process, specifically the availability of people, is compromised.”

From healthcare to higher education, sports and live events venues to airports and beyond, deploying an effective security strategy not only enhances safety and awareness but can also improve operational efficiencies, enabling better informed business decisions regarding staffing and other needs.

When developing a security strategy, it’s best to start by identifying your specific business requirements. Once you know what you need to accomplish, you can begin evaluating the technology solutions that can integrate into the plan to support your business processes and goals, resulting in the best outcome for ROI.

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