Podcast | Digital Signage Digest’s “Six Feet Apart”

Jay Leedy joins Digital Signage Digest for their “Six Feet Apart” episode, highlighting the new role of digital signage in a socially distanced society.

Digital signage is playing a new role in both communications and density management strategies as we’re all adjusting to a “new” society that is placing emphasis on social distancing.

“We’re seeing a trend as people are looking past the immediate state,” says Jay Leedy, director of business development for Diversified’s Digital Media Group specialty. “Now it’s really about how do we open up, what’s going to be the most appropriate solution and what is the need by employees and the various clients that we serve in these spaces going to be.”

Distinct growth opportunity in communications in general, which digital signage plays a key role in. The ability of digital signage to reach a fragmented audience across a range of mediums more important than before. With thermal sensors and return to work strategy considerations in place, companies are focusing on ensuring they’re communicating the right message at the right time by leveraging a common platform to reach everyone.

Other expected trends we might see include a new resistance to touchscreen technology in public areas, ability to drive screens with smart phones and new AI applications.

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