TechNation Feature: Medical Innovation Group

Diversified SVP, Steve Plaugher, discusses integrated operating rooms and procedure suites.

Many articles have been written regarding the benefit and value of integrated operating rooms and procedure suites. These articles highlight the increased efficiencies for care provider teams, improved communications, better patient care coordination and augmentation of the surgeon’s skills. Steve Plaugher, SVP, Diversified Medical Innovation Group, elaborates on how the CORIS®  IPS2™ ensures healthcare clients can realize those benefits and reduce capital equipment costs.

“At the core of Diversified’s disruptive approach is our CORIS®  IPS2™ vendor-neutral, vintage-agnostic video over IP-based integration platform. This platform ensures our client’s existing capital assets can be integrated in the procedure suite while providing  venue for investing in new, best-of-breed technology such as 4K video, regardless of manufacturer.”

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