MarketScale Interviews Diversified’s Jay Leedy & TJ DiQuollo

Digital Signage Analytics, Transforming the Retail Experience

TJ DiQuollo & Jay Leedy of Diversified’s Digital Media Group speak with MarketScale at DSE2019 about using digital signage analytics to tailor content strategies & how it’s revolutionizing retail. Learn about capitalizing on improved data visualization and how Diversified designs for the human element

Advertising results can now be measured by dozens of data points, not just sales numbers. Digital signage is providing this information for retailers and the impact is beginning to be felt by brick-and-mortar locations.

Jay Leedy and TJ DiQuollo of Diversified know that data and creative content work in tandem to enhance business.

“If there is one buzz word to describe this show, it would be ‘analytics’,” DiQuollo said.

This is not to say that the human element is leaving the retail world, according to Leedy.

“If [content] is not immediately relevant, if it doesn’t land with the customer, then that says that you don’t know enough about that particular customer to care to engage with them the way they want to be engaged and it can be off-putting,” he said. “So, with technology you really do have to strike a human element to be a part of that balance.”

As digital signage analytics continue to find new data points to measure, expect a more tailored retail experience. Listen to the podcast for the full conversation or read more in the podcast transcript.

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