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The New Science of Predictive Analytics in the Cyber Security Operations Center

Cyber attacks have been described by many as the most critical threat we face today. The effective execution of a cyber attack by those with nefarious intent can bring down our financial institutions, large sections of our power grid, our transportation infrastructure, and air traffic control as well as other critical services.

How can Cyber Security Operations Centers Combat this Threat?

Watch our webinar to learn how utilizing predictive analytics in conjunction with improvements in situational awareness monitoring helps to stay ahead of potential threats, minimize risk and avoid disruption to your cyber security operations center and organization.

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Hosted by

Robert Cameron

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Diversified Mission Critical Environments

Specializing in control room solutions for over 15 years, Robert shares an in-depth, end-to-end understanding of the control room environment.
His expertise includes:

  • Advanced Visualization Technologies
  • AV Systems (Audio, Control, Integration)
  • Operator Console Furniture
  • Room Design Elements
  • Software (Productivity Tools, Analytics/Correlation, Forensics and Dashboards)
  • Workflow Processes

Nathan Jones

Director of Sales
Diversified Intelligent Technology Solutions

Nathan has experience in leadership of both sales and service delivery teams, program management, team development, process creation, and execution from the small to the enterprise market. His expertise includes:

  • Analysis of IT operations
  • Managing IT complexity
  • Addressing security challenges like ‘zero day’ threats, ransomware and interoperability

Kevin Yin

CEO, SitScape

SitScape is the leader in collaborative and intelligent User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) actionable intelligence solutions with its innovative Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP) software. His expertise includes:

  • Agile Analytics
  • Dynamic and Adaptive Visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Machine Learning
  • Process Automation